Pwnbrew is a remote access framework written entirely in Java that integrates with Paterva’s Maltego to allow red team operators with the ability to perform an entire network vulnerability assessment all from within Maltego. One of the greatest shortcomings of Maltego is the ability to map out a network from the inside, in a way that can only typically be done from a compromised system. Pwnbrew supplies this extension.

Heap Monitor

HeapMonitor is a tool to allow you to visually monitor the heap memory allocations and deallocations happening in a Windows application in real-time on a remote system. It also provides a stack trace of each allocation and free so you can locate where the calls are being made from.

Resource Editor

This java application allows you to edit resource data that is stored in compiled windows executables. The application locates the resources in the binary by parsing the target binary’s PE header. This tool was created so configuration data stored in an application could be altered without having to recompile the binary.