Metasploit Community CTF 2018 Writeup

Last weekend I participated in the 2018 Metasploit Community CTF. It was a nice break from the Jeopardy style, exploitation heavy CTFs I tend to play in. The setup included two vulnerable VMs, 1 windows, 1 linux ( with a bunch of dockers), and one Kali attack VM. This was the first Metasploit CTF [...]

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Flare-On 4 Challenge 11 Writeup

Flare-On 4  Challenge 11 Writeup For the last several weeks, I've been working through this year's Flare-On competition put on by FireEye. There was a broad range of challenges across various technologies with varying degrees of difficulty. I got to try out a few new tools and really enjoyed working through [...]

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DEFCON CTF 2017 – Divided Writeup

DIVIDED A little over a month ago, LegitBS held the qualifier for this year's DEF CON CTF. As the competition was nearing a close, the organizers released an atypical pwnable challenge, a Windows binary. There are only a handful of CTFs that tend to release Windows exploitation challenges and there is minimal [...]

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HITCON 2015 – Hard to Say ( misc 200 )

I decided to spend some time on this challenge given my little ruby experience; figured I could learn a thing or two. The source for the challenge showed that the logic consisted of two real stages. The user input was first checked for size and content. It was then passed to the eval command, [...]

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EKOPARTY PRE-CTF – Smashing the stack for fun and profit

The EKOParty security conference ran a pre-ctf competition last week for a ticket to the con and some nifty swag. I didn't have time to look at many but I tried out a couple of the pwnables. I connected to Pwn100 ( Smashing the stack for fun and profit ) and [...]

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